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You would like to know which participation fees to expect when participating at FAF? That's easy - just fill in the calculation form.*

Kind of standcostssqmtotal costs
Row stand:178 €per sqm0.0 €
Corner stand:187 €per sqm0.0 €
End stand199 €per sqm0.0 €
Island stand:207 €per sqm0.0 €
Two-storey row stand:89 €per sqm0.0 €
Two-storey corner stand:93,50 €per sqm0.0 €
Two-storey end stand99,50 €per sqm0.0 €
Two-storey island stand103,50 €per sqm0.0 €
Co-exhibitor fee:490 €per Co-Exh.0.0 €
AUMA fee:0,60 €per sqm00,0 €
Media Entry:795 €per Exh
Servicefee:29,80 €per sqm0,0 €
Total cost (excl. VAT):

*Please take into consideration that these are participation fees only. Further optional services such as electricity, water, security, cleaning and stand build are not included.


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