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81829 Munich
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No other industry trade fair provides as versatile a range of offers focusing on facade design and interior design as FAF – and right down to the smallest niche segment.


Standing out thanks to the variety of the skilled trades represented.

Varnishes, coating systems and stains

Facade systems and insulation materials, ventilated curtain facade and ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System)

Floor coverings and flooring technology

Surface finishing and lettering

Drywall materials and systems

Historic preservation

Ladders and scaffolding

Workplace safety and workwear

Mobility and logistics

Professional training, associations, media

Coatings, coating systems

Wallpaper, wall and ceiling coverings

Auxiliary materials and consumables

Building protection and concrete repair

Acoustic building materials and systems


Construction site and workshop equipment

IT and office organisation

Ecological building materials

Plasters and plaster systems

Home textiles

Filling compounds, adhesives and fastening technology

Interior insulation materials and systems

Fire protection

Equipment and machinery

Disposal and recycling

Business Management

Heating and ventilation systems

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