No other industry trade fair provides as versatile a range of offers focusing on facade design and interior design as FAF – and right down to the smallest niche segment.


Standing out thanks to the variety of the skilled trades represented.

Paints and varnishes

  • Oils and varnishes for in- and outdoor
  • Natural mineral colours
  • Enamel paints, screen printing inks and glass paints
  • Artists' paints
  • Car repair paints
  • Additives and thinners
  • Paint removers and paint care products

Stucco, Paints and varnishes acoustic panelling

  • Stucco
  • Coving and decorating elements
  • Acoustic plasters
  • Sound insulating materials

Restoration and refurbishment / Preservation of historic buildings and monuments

  • Ecological construction materials
  • Illumination, controlled ventilation and extraction, building technology
  • Surface heating systems
  • Electric heating mats

Fire protection

Ecological construction materials

Plaster and lime building materials

Paint spraying equipment and systems

Ceiling, wall and floor coverings / Industrial flooring, parquet, laminate

  • Ceiling and wall coverings in panels and sheets
  • Tiles, natural stone, clinker
  • Liquid, dry and cement screeds
  • Carpets, Laminate, parquet and cork coverings
  • Industrial flooring
  • Tile and panel-laying systems

Dry lining and dry-walling systems

  • Strapping and mounting technology
  • Dry-lining systems for floors, walls, ceilings and facades
  • Gypsum plasters and plasterboards

Coating materials

  • Mineral-based
  • Emulsion-based

Wallpaper, stretch fabrics and decorations


Glues, adhesives and auxiliaries


Plaster and rendering systems

  • Synthetic resin, lime, cement, ready-mix and renovation plasters
  • Gypsum plasters and plasterboards
  • Acoustic plasters
  • Foundations and reinforcements for plasters

Thermal insulation composite systems

  • Thermal-insulating composite systems
  • Insulating materials, sealants, facade construction materials

Flagstones, tiles and floor laying systems

Tools, equipment, machinery

  • for painters, varnishers and plasterers
  • for dry lining
  • for decorators and architects

Ladders, scaffolding, work safety

IT, trade media, lettering/signage, gilding

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