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Digital lead capture is the ideal way to increase your trade fair success. Use a simple scan and capture interested visitors to benefit from numerous advantages. 



  • Record effortlessly the data of your stand visitors with the GHM LEADS smartphone apps.
  • Waste no time on formalities and start valuable customer meetings immediately.
  • Standardise the data of all sales staff.
  • Avoid time-consuming typing and speed up your trade fair follow-up.
  • Gain valuable time through immediate, digital availabilty of all collected data.
  • Import the collected contacts easily into your own CRM system.
  • Increase the chances of successful orders with timely and personal follow-up so you can process visitor data immediately.
  • Track your trade fair success already during the event with the help of various statistics and reporting functions.





The Lead Tracking for IFH-Intherm simplifies the customer registration process at the trade fair.
You can capture all prospects at your stand quickly, easily and digitally.


Visitors enter their data to personalize their tickets. Afterwards they receive their tickets with QR codes.

1. Scan the personalized barcode on the visitor ticket. Please note that we do not offer lanyards and badges for sustainability reasons. Please ask visitors to your stand directly for their mobile or Print @ Home ticket.

2. Complete the data with your notes and individual questions to the visitor.

3. You can find all data captured through lead tracking in real-time in your dashboard ...

4. ... you can edit individually the data you enter ...

5. ... and export it any time.


It is necessary to create at least one admin account and as many user accounts as you wish To use opti lead tracking.

The admin account is used to configure your individual customer enquiries and also to set up and manage the user licences in the admin portal at A user account is required for each of the staff members at the stand in order to record visitor data.


Allows you to access the admin portal for central configuration of user accounts for the booth team with the following features: 

  • Easy set-up and allocation of user accounts
  • Definition of interests to be queried for the app
  • Upload and management of documents for the booth staff
  • Live monitoring of event success via admin dashboard
  • 3 months download availability of all captured and consolidated contacts and data by booth staff

Note: License 1 does not include user accounts. These must be purchased via license 2.

285 Euro each


Allows you to scan leads either via the Android app, iOS app or user portal with the following features:

  • Completion of contact information
  • Query visitor interests
  • Addition of notes
  • Sending documents directly from the app to contacts
  • Forwarding of contacts as V-Card
  • Display of analyses via dashboard
  • 3 months download availability of the collected contacts and data by the individual user

149 Euro each


The Lead Tracking Starter Package offers you a combination of the two individual licenses. The basic package contains all functions from the Admin license as well as the User license for successful visitor tracking. Book the Lead Tracking Starter Package to get started right away:

  • One admin and one user license included
  • The package contains everything you need to capture leads directly at your stand with one device
  • You can test Lead Tracking with the starter package
  • You can book any number of additional admin licenses and user licenses at a later date
  • You can find more details on the individual licenses in the boxes above

434 Euro per piece*

* Please note: The prices are all net prices without VAT.



You receive a real-time overview of the contacts recorded via the Lead Portal at You can analyze and download this data in the dashboard according to your criteria.

The following visitor data is available to you:

  • Personal data: Title, salutation, first name and last name
  • Company data: Company
  • Contact data: E-mail
  • Address data: postal code, city and country
  • Interests: Answers to your individual exhibitor survey
  • Assignment: By which of your sales staff were they surveyed and when.


Lead tracking service and support is available at any time by e-mail, by telephone (+49 89 189 149 565) and in person during the show via the Helpdesk for exhibitors.


What is the starter package? 

The starter package includes one licence for an admin account and one licence for a user account. With this basic package, you have everything you need to configure lead tracking online in the admin portal and scan leads at your stand using a mobile device. You can book any number of additional individual admin and user licences at a later date.


Why do I need an admin account?

The admin account is a prerequisite for access to the admin portal at and enables the configuration of user accounts for the stand team centrally there. Please note that it is not possible to scan leads with an admin account.


Why do I need user accounts?

Lead scanning is not possible with Admin access. Your booth staff needs an individual user account for each device used on site for lead tracking in order to capture visitors as contacts via scanning.  


How do I receive the log-in data for my admin account?

We will send an e-mail with the log-in data for your admin account to your lead tracking contact person.


How do I order additional user accounts later?

If you require additional user accounts later, you can increase your order quantity at any time in the exhibitor portal.


Where can I find the Leads Admin Portal?

At you can make all settings with your admin account. There you can log in with the access data sent to you and create as many users as licences have been purchased. You can also upload documents to send to the leads, define the categories that can be assigned to the lead and carry out various evaluations and downloads of the recorded data. 


What is the name of the smartphone app?

The smartphone app for scanning the visitor tickets is called GHM LEADS.


Where do I find the app?

You can download the GHM LEADS app for IOS or Android from your app store.



Please download the latest version of the app shortly before the start of the trade fair.

Where do I book the packages?

You can book the lead tracking packages in your exhibitor portal. Please follow this Link.


Where do I get instructions on how to set up as an admin?

Instructions for configuring your individual customer queries and for setting up and managing user licences via your admin account can be found here.

Instructions on how to set up as a user on your mobile before the fair can be found here.

Which devices do I need?

You only need your own company devices (smartphone or tablet). Please ensure on the IT side that you can install the GHM LEADS app on your company devices.


When will I receive the invoice?

You will be invoiced for the lead tracking service with the final invoice after the trade fair.


How does data protection work?

Data protection for visitors is governed by our privacy policy. You can find it under the following link.


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