Even building envelopes will be networked and smart in the future. The plaster system - from the fabric to the finish - must enable the digital use and intelligent networking of the surfaces.


Plaster will become more versatile and should offer more functions - for example, aided by the plaster, the facade should be able to react visibly to weather changes, open and close, or even breathe.


Plaster will have to contribute to building envelopes serving as water reservoirs, beds for plants or as air filters - perhaps also in conjunction with textiles or in growing systems.


Historical techniques, grain sizes, and material compositions will be revived and adapted to the times. Tradition and identity are also the future of plaster!


Students of the International Trendscouting Institute at HAWK Hildesheim interviewed 130 industry experts. Their result: six predictions!


Building will become modular - and buildings will become easier to dismantle again. Plaster visually holds the surfaces together and will give architects of the future creative flexibility.


In addition to mechanical and digital components and framework conditions, facade robots will, above all, need substrates with which they can work.

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