08. 09. 2021

The FAF – FARBE, AUSBAU & FASSADE trade fair is postponed until spring 2023

FAF, Europe’s trade fair for façade design and interior architecture, will not take place in Munich from 09 to 12 March 2022 as originally planned. GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH and the institutions responsible for the trade fair, the Bundesverband Farbe Gestaltung Bautenschutz (Federal Association for Paint, Design and Building Protection) (for painters and varnishers) and the Bundesverband Ausbau und Fassade (Federal Association for Finishings and Façades) (for plasterers), have postponed the event until spring 2023. The reason for this decision is the desire by important market participants to have optimal conditions for the trade fair, without coronavirus-related restrictions, as the event only takes place every three years.

In agreement and close cooperation with the institutions responsible for the trade fair, as well as industry representatives, GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH today decided to postpone FAF to 2023. "A significant part of the industry is not convinced that their trade fair appearance can take place successfully under the current circumstances. Although we as organizers see that trade fairs are taking place once again, we understand that customers' expectations of their participation in such an event are very high, especially due to the three-year cycle," said Klaus Plaschka, Managing Director of the organiser GHM. With the new date in spring 2023, FAF will return to its usual spring time slot after the pandemic.

Guido Müller, President of the Federal Association for Paint, Design and Building Protection, commented on the decision: "The commitment to the trade fair has been impressive in recent weeks and months. The industry is united behind FAF as its flagship event and its most important meeting point. However, the desire to build on the opportunities and successes prevails, without cutting any corners. FAF offers direct personal exchanges and intensive communication between manufacturers and users. This is its hallmark and unique selling point. In 2023, the trade fair will take place under the right conditions once again, and bring together visitors from all product areas and countries on an equal footing. Although the decision was difficult, it remains important to consider the industry as a whole, with all its requirements and issues. This is exactly what GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH has done, and found the most promising solution for all. We are very grateful for this."

The expert advisory committee, which represents all exhibitors, supports the decision. Oliver Heib, Chairman of the Federal Association for Finishings and Façades, said: "We all feel the desire for a reunion, a meeting of the entire industry, after the challenging weeks and months that lie behind us. This decision deserves all the more respect, because it takes the market's concerns and wishes regarding the implementation arrangements very seriously. In 2023, we will present FAF reliably in new strength and quality."

The organiser will soon announce the exact time period and location for the industry meeting point.

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